Data Management Algorithms 5AD осень 2019 — различия между версиями

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Текущая версия на 07:17, 14 сентября 2019

Lecturer: Boris Novikov B.novikov

Presentation Slides

About the course Медиа:Data Management Algorithms-0-About.pdf


Preliminaries Медиа:DMA-consistency-01-intro.key.pdf

Consistency Criteria Медиа:DMA-consistency-02-criteria.key.pdf

Schedulers and Protocols

Consistency for Object model


Distributed Transactional Systems

Query Processing

Algebras and Operations

Optimization Basics

Advanced Optimization

Distributed Systems


Snapshot Isolation - Sep 20, 2019

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Protocols and Recovery - Sep 27, 2019

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Distributed Transactions - Oct 4, 2019

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